Induction heaters from JOSAM

JH400 is used for sheet metal straightening and loosening of smaller machine parts such as:

  • nuts up to size M24
  • pins
  • clamping rings
JH400 is used for sheet metal straightening and loosening of small machine parts such as nuts up to M24, pins, or clamping rings.

The machine is mainly used for lighter repair work. The highly efficient induction heater enables the heating of small parts without damaging parts nearby.

Overheating of the material is avoided through the use of five different output levels and a unique
regulation and power control system. Cooling of the induction heater is provided using an efficient closed water cooling system.

Meet future environmental targets and energy requirements


Modular Adaptive Energy Technology is an adaptive process regulator withvariable frequency control and extremely fast FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) providing operationally safe and energy saving control of the induction heating

Automatic cooling in the induction heaters means that the cooler is only active when needed. In contrast to continuous machine cooling this makes the work environment quieter and reduces energy consumption.

The technology incorporated in Josam’s induction heaters makes them extremely efficient and energy saving. Josam is therefore a truly environmentally friendly choice.

The USB connection simplifies servicing and upgrading the software. The platform is future-proof and upgradable thanks to an interface where the software and hardware are built in separate modules.

Mains Supply 208-240 V, 1 Ph+PE, 50/60 Hz, 16 A
Protection Class IP 21
Working Frequency 18-40 kHz
Output Stages 5
Input Power 4 kW
Output Power (induction power) 3.7 kW
Induction Cable 3 m
Cooling System Water cooled
Continuous operating time 20 minutes*
*at 20°C ambient temperature at max. power
Weight 54 kg with full tank
Water tank 20 liters
Size (LxWxH) 520 x 360 x 990 mm