12 tonne lifting capacity 

Hydraulic 4-Post Lift

General Features:

  • Innovative design of columns without longitudinal welds
  • Electro-hydraulic lifting system operated over a special double piston cylinder
  • Platform locking system operated automatically by electromagnets
  • In addition to safety locking system, also incorporates a “slack cable” safety lock whereby the lock will activate in the event of a cable snap/breakage
  • Hydraulic cylinder with control valve of lowering speed
  • Safety valve against overpressure of the hydraulic system
  • Motor equipped withthermal overload detector against overheating
  • Pushbuttons at 24V., type “dead man”, separated UP & DOWN buttons and ON/OFF switch lockable by a padlock
  • Smooth platforms
  • Upper height limit switch
  • Automatic release of safety wedges by pushing DOWN button
  • International patent on safety and lifting system
  • No compressed air required to operate locks
Load Capacity 12 t
Platforms width 710 mm
Width between posts 3,265 mm
Distance between platforms 780 – 1,150 mm
Drive on height 220 mm
Lifting height 1,660 mm
Overall length 7,150 mm
Overall width 3,735 mm