Hydraulic cylinders for pulling, lifting, twisting and more

Used in all types of straightening work on frames, cabs and other parts of heavy vehicles, our hydraulic cylinders also include a wide range of accessories such as extension tubes and press heads in different shapes.

Jacks for straightening

Used for vertical straightening, our vertical presses have a press force of 20 tons and a lift height ranging from 535-1,260 mm (approx. 21-50 inches).

Used only for lifting, jacks have 10 tons lifting capacity and a lift height ranging from 553-1,048 mm (approx. 22-42 inches).

The equipment is operated with JOSAM hydraulic pumps, and come complete with wheels for easy handling.

Hydraulic pumps for straightening

Remote controlled and hand controlled pumps are essential in straightening work where hydraulics are used. Choose from three different models of pumps, with an oil volume ranging from 2 litres up to 7.6 litres.

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