Air Hydraulic Floor Pit Jack with Telescopic Cylinder

This flexible air hydraulic floor pit jack with telescopic cylinder is perfect for use in both pits and under vehicle lifts. Suitable for most lifting applications and boasting a 15t lift capacity, this is a flexible and multi-use pit jack.

  • 15t lift capacity
  • Built-in manual foot pump
  • Spring loaded wheel support

Ideal for dismounting and re-mounting gear boxes, this flexible in-pit or under vehicle lift jack is suitable for all traditional lifting jobs. With a built-in manual foot pump for easy and precise judgment, plus spring loaded wheel support, this unit prevents unintended movements when lifting.

A rapid and precise air hydraulic unit with high speed ram travel, this model is loaded with safety features including a dead man’s release and safety overload valve for optimum protection of vehicles and operators.

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Capacity 15/15 t
Stroke 1285 mm
Min. Height 920 mm
Max. Height 2205 mm
Basewidth 845 mm
Basedepth 1005 mm
Cylinder diameter Ø 60 mm
Air supply 8,5 – 12 bar
Air consumption 350 l/min
Weight 220 kg

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