Field Servicing Containers

Fully Equipped Mobile Field Servicing Equipment Containers

The Levanta Field Servicing Container is a fully equipped mobile workshop especially designed for general and specific field service activities.

  • Equipped mobile workshop
  • Customisable to suit your needs
  • Safe and reliable

These fully equipped and ready to mobilise field servicing containers are built rugged, tough enough to work in serious mining conditions to keep your mining transport equipment running.

The basic equipment provided includes comprehensive tool kits containing required tools, rigging equipment for general lifting operations of small components, various machine tools, consumables and safety accessories.

Each unit is a dedicated air-conditioned/heated workshop equipped with storage cabinets, as well as equipment and tools required to maintain and repair mine site transport equipment. Each unit hits the ground immediately ready for operation on site on delivery.

The construction of the ISP container provides long term durability for rugged use in the field. Equipped with lifting eyes in place of the upper ISO blocks, these units provide the operator with rapid set-up or take-down capability for the quick deployment and relocation of this sturdy mobile workshop.

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