F562 tyre changer

Automatic electro-hydraulic tyre changer

Designed with heavy duty changes in mind, the F562 fully automatic, electro-hydraulic tyre changer is ideally suited to truck, tractor and earth moving vehicle wheels.

  • Quick and easy positioning of wheel
  • Completely automatic revolving arm
  • Controls located on moveable stand

The simultaneous movement of tool-holder carriage and Chuck-holder arm, allows the wheel to be positioned in an instant. The bead-breaking, fitting and removal tools are incorporated into a single, completely automatic revolving arm. The controls are located on a movable stand which allows the operator to work the machine from any chosen position.

Moving parts can be operated at two speeds by pressing the relevant pedals on the movable post. For total operator safety, a non-return check valve is fitted directly onto cylinder, keeping the wheel locked even in case of electrical failure or hose rupture.

Supplied Accessories:

  • Pair of bead clamps
  • Radio control
  • Set of 4 jaws for alloy rims
  • Set of 4 extensions from 46” to 56”
  • Bead guide lever
  • Extra platform
  • Roller for tubeless
  • Clamp for alloy rims


Handles Rims From 14″ ÷ 58″ (with PA4V Ext)
Max. Wheel Diamater 2600 mm
Max. Wheel Width 1500 mm
Max Wheel Weight 1700 kg
Wheel Lifting Cylinder Capacity 2500 kg
Working Pressure 130 BAR
Gear Box Motor (Two Speed) (3 Ph – 400 V – 50 Hz) 1.9 / 2.5 Kw
Pump Motor (Two Speed) (3 Ph – 400 V – 50 Hz) 3.3/4.4 Kw
Noise Level When Running > 70 dB (A)
Machine Weight With Accessories 1260 Kg