Exhaust extraction systems

The complete engineered workshop package

Whether you need exhaust extraction for your car dealership or truck and bus workshop, Levanta has the expertise you need.

Levanta’s quality European-made exhaust extraction systems are fully compliant with government regulations, and engineered specifically for your requirements.


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Tailored solutions and advice for your workshop

Levanta can supply your business with an exhaust extraction solution that’s designed and set up to suit the specific needs of your workshop.

Our exhaust system designers will visit your business to inspect and measure your workshop, gaining a full understanding of your needs. To ensure there is sufficient ventilation when working at full capacity, we will specify the correct:

  • Fan size to ensure safe air quality
  • Droppers
  • Choice of rail or hose system
  • Layout for ease of use
  • Other considerations for best safety and efficiency

Does a hose or rail system suit your workshop?

Traditionally, exhaust extraction systems were all hose systems – each set up to service two bays.

Instead, Levanta can now install a rail system that runs across the length of all your service bays. Carriages can be drawn along the rail to reach each vehicle as needed, creating a more efficient and easy-to-use solution.

We can also provide you with nozzles to suit all types of vehicles, whether single or dual exhausts, stacks on trucks, as well as buses.

Talk to Levanta for a complete exhaust extraction solution

To speak with a workshop fitout expert about your business’s needs, call Levanta on 1300 577 541 or get in touch online.