Volumetric Injection Recovery Machine

Equipped with powerful volumetric injection technology, the CLIMA 9000 P BUS can optimise time, increase efficiency and decrease costs. Highly automated, integrated and easy to use, this unit is a must have for any workshop.

  • Volumetric injection technology 
  • Non-condensing vent valve 
  • Quick couplers 

This unit is loaded with features and equipped with powerful control software and ideally suited for big-sized systems. With Volumetric high technology at your service, the LIMA 9000 P BUS has been designed to guarantee complete operative autonomy. Every intervention concerning maintenance, cleaning and recovery of the cooling system are performed by the device through the powerful control software without any assistance of the operator, who can actually optimise time with an increase in efficiency, and with a considerable decrease in costs.

Additionally, CLIMA-9000 P BUS may be constantly updated in a simple and rapid way, guaranteeing the device’s maximum operative efficiency. The integrated printer enables the emission of a document acknowledging the successful results of the operations, which can be copied and given to the customer. The results can also be customised by inserting the records of the garage performing the intervention.

Graphic LCD display – touch screen, the heart of CLIMA 9000 P BUS is its LCD display, the only user-interface element. Simple and intuitive, the display shows a complete menu that can be activated through a few quick touch-screen operations. Additionally, the displays’ great brightness ensures that parameters are easily read, whatever the lighting conditions.
Other features include:

  • Multipass enables a further closed-circuit filtering of the recovered cooling liquid
  • Vessel heater flushing with integrated solenoid valve
  • Hybrid function thanks to this “reset” function, residual PAG oil within the machine can be completely replaced, with a view to managing changeover from maintenance of traditional engine vehicles to maintenance of hybrid vehicles.
  • Oil care function a protection system that prevents humidity from entering the oil container, in order to preserve the PAG oil’s purity until it is completely used
  • UV tracer
  • Non-condensing vent valve electronic, it enables the eventual discharge of air by accelerating the recovery phase, thus guaranteeing higher purity of the refrigerant present in the vessel
  • Thanks to the Custom Cycle function, it is possible to memorise up to 100 additional different customised configuration


Software Interface
Display 4.3″, 480 x 272 graphics (widescreen), 65536 Colours
Keyboard Touch Screen
Software Update / Capacity conforming to PED Directive via RS232 (with CLIMA Solution) / 32kg
Oil Containers
Exhaust Oil / New PAG Oil Container Capacity 1000ml
UV Tracer Container Capacity 250ml
Oil/UV scale 1g resolution, 5g precision with overcharge mechanical protection
Pneumatic Circuit
Vacuum Pump Capacity 8m3/h
Refrigerator Gas Recovery Compressor Displacement 9 cc – high efficiency
Dehydrating Filter Capacity (expressed as kg of recovered refrigerant) 160kg
Net HP pipes length 4.5m
Net LP pipes length 4.5m
Weight 80kg
Power Supply 50Hz / 240V

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