CLIMA 8500

Comprehensive & High Functioning

Equipped with the most comprehensive database on the market and an unlimited expiry date, AUTODATA, provides everything you need to know updated at all times. Highly automated, integrated and easy to use, this unit is a must have for any workshop.

  • UV tracer
  • Capable of working with R-134A or R-1234YF gas
  • Oil Care Function 
  • Hybrid Function 

This unit is loaded with features and equipped with the most complete database available in the market – AUTODATA. With an unlimited expiry date, the databank enables the device the automatic use of specific recharge parameters of the vehicle under maintenance, while the recharge hoses have also been equipped with external quick couplings so as to avoid opening the tool in case of replacement.

The integrated printer enables the emission of a document acknowledging the successful results of the operations, which can be copied and given to the customer. Other features include:

  • Oil care function system that prevents humidity from entering the oil container, preserving the PAG oil’s purity until it is completely used
  • UV tracer
  • Non-condensing vent valve non-condensable gases discharge with manually operated solenoid valve, enabling the eventual discharge of air by accelerating the recovery phase, guaranteeing higher purity of the refrigerant present in the vehicle.
  • Automation of the oil recharge
  • Hybrid function thanks to the ‘reset’ functionality, residual PAG oil within the machine can be completely replaced with a view to managing changeover from maintenance of traditional engine vehicles to maintenance of hybrid vehicles.
  • Flushing with integrated solenoid valve
  • Capable of working with both with R-134A or R-1234YF gas
  • 1 year warranty
Software Interface
Display Alphaneumeric – 4 x 20 LCD
Keyboard 6 key membrane
Maximum Quantity In Vessel 16.5kg
Oil Containers
Exhaust Oil Container Capacity 250ml
New PAG Oil Container Capacity 250ml
UV Tracer Container Capacity 250ml
Pneumatic Circuit
Vacuum Pump Capacity 6m3/h
Dehydrating Filter Capacity (Expressed as kg recovered refrig.) 45 kg
External HP and LP Pipes Lengt 4.5m
Analogue HP and LP Pressure Gauges 80mm, pulse-free
Analogue Vessel Pressure Gauge 40mm, pulse-free
Weight 80kg
Power Supply 50Hz / 220 – 240V / 700W

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