Designed for easy use, manoeuvring, and storage

The CLIMA 6000 ECO has been designed to be extremely easy to handle and store. Weighing just 65kg, it’s highly manoeuvrable with wheels that let the station spin around its main axis – making it very easy to move around in limited space.

  • Gas 1234yf identifier
  • Multipass flushing
  • Hybrid function

All parts and components that are subject to wear and need regular maintenance (eg. the dryer filter) have been designed to be easily accessible, even by non-expert technicians. This minimises machine downtime and offers you uninterrupted and steady performance.

Instead of taps the CLIMA 6000 ECO features the same highly effective and efficient automatic flow regulating system that equips high-end A/C stations, giving you the smoothest, fastest and easiest recharge operations.

Other features include:

  • Hybrid function – thanks to its ‘reset’ functionality, residual PAG oil within the machine can be completely replaced, allowing your workshop to change over from maintenance of traditional engine vehicles to maintenance of hybrid vehicles
  • Product carries approvals from Mercedes, VW and Land Rover
  • Patented ECO lock prevents loss of gas from connections
  • Large internal tank
  • Remote service access possible
  • USB for software and databank updates
  • High resolution display
  • Simple, guided operation

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