Cam-Aligner heavy vehicle wheel aligner

Camera technology for fast & accurate measurement

This compact wheel alignment system enables truck and bus workshops, as well as tyre service centres, to offer wheel alignment services quickly and accurately.

Wheel angles like:

  • Toe, steering box position, camber, out of square, parallelism, and axle offset
  • Castor, KPI, Toe Out On Turns, and max turn

…are measured using our patented camera technology with the chassis centre line of the vehicle as reference.


Why Align Your Vehicle Wheels?

By measuring and adjusting wheel angles on a vehicle, fuel costs and tyre wear are reduced. At the same time comfort, security and running characteristics are improved. This leads to a better economy and environment for everyone. It also means that the vehicle travels on the highway without taking up as much space as an incorrectly aligned vehicle would.

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Enabled by the unique rolling method, toe and camber measurements may be taken while the vehicle is in driving position. No lifting of the axles with run-out compensation is required. Alternatively, you can operate the system with standard run-out procedure.

Wireless technology is used for transmitting data between measuring units and the computer. The computer software guides the user through the measuring process and prints out measurement reports of values, before and after alignment.

Scania Australia Pty Ltd

Hi Ben

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the JOSAM wheel alignment course that we had with you and Rickard today. We were both extremely happy with the training and we are both amazed how much easier the new gear is to use.

As I said several times during the training “this is absolutely amazing”. I can’t wait to get back to our workshop and start using this new wheel alignment gear. I can see just from the training that this is going to save us lots of time when carrying out alignments.

To finish up I would like to thank Rickard and yourself for the excellent training.


Phil Withers

Technician | Aftersales |  Scania Australia Pty Ltd  

The Rolling Method

The measuring is carried out as the vehicle stands on the floor, followed by rolling the vehicle so that the wheels turn half a turn and the cameras automatically take the readings.

This method allows the camera system to measure before, during and after rolling, without the need for any run-out compensation. Toe and camber values will be displayed automatically and adjustments can be made if needed.

The axle offset value together with out of square is also presented as a result of the measurement.

By adding two more wheel adapters two axles can be rolled and measured simultaneously.

Measuring Range
Toe ±40 mm/m
Camber -6°
Caster ±20°
KPI ±20°
Max. turn 65°
Measuring Accuracy
Toe ±0,2 mm/m (for each camera)
Camber ±3 min (for each camera)
Operational Time 14 h (on fully charged batteries)
Charging Time 3 h

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