C1000 i-Next wheel aligner

Comprehensive vehicle wheel alignments

Imagine technology equipment for comprehensive vehicle alignments. This unit is loaded with features and ready to work as hard as you do in your busy commercial workshop.

  • Professional wheel alignment program
  • Smart card technology for database updating
  • Automatic wheel alignment
  • 2 year warranty



Innovative Technology Measurement with
Digital Cameras for
Wheel Alignments


New passive target wheel aligner with eight high resolution digital cameras for maximum measurement precision. The automation of wheel alignment operations and the extreme reliability of the components greatly enhance productivity.

Premium PC with Windows DP, professional wheel alignment program and complete multi-brand vehicle specs are all provided standard.

High resolution digital cameras provide maximum measurement accuracy and stability. Automatic camera rotation means that cameras are always perfectly positioned. Maximum ease of use and work speed, plus no need to adjust camera height while using lifts, means time saving to get in more alignments per day.

Targets manufactured with very high resistance materials, additional sun filter, making these units suitable for difficult working conditions, with no need of maintenance and calibration. Console for PC, keyboard, printer and LCD monitor, after operations, easily hang targets on both sides of the column.

Professional wheel alignment program including all functions required by wheel alignment professionals. With customisable procedure, adjustment help animations, Romess compatible, plus always updated with full vehicle specs.

Automatic rotation of cameras according to the sequence step, they will always rotate up to the specific working position as set in advance. Includes the possibility to record customers set of lift height levels, coupling them up to five different operators.

Push-mode off-centre compensation makes it possible to work without lifting the vehicle and keep the suspensions in their normal operating position, to provide maximum accuracy and speed.


  • Column for on-floor installation with integrated console and monitor stand
  • Head with eight high resolution digital cameras
  • Automatic camera rotation system
  • Premium PC – INTEL motherboard – DVD burner – Multilingual Windows XP
  • Multi-brand database with more than 20,000 cars and vans
  • Animated help for vehicle adjustment
  • Pre-set for CAL One-Touch (steering sensor calibration), Aligner OnLine and ROMESS CM 09606.
Power Supply Voltage 115 / 230 Vac-50 / 60 Hz- 1Ph
Absorbed Power 500 W
Measuring Unit 140 kg
Targets 4 kg
Total Toe ±20°
Camber ±10°
Caster ±30°
King Pin Angle ±30°
Thrust Angle ±10°
Toe Out at Turn on 20° ±0°

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