Press and riveting clamps from 10-40 tons

From small 10 ton C-clamps for minor local deformations up to 40 ton C-clamps that can be used for both pressing and riveting, our C-clamp range is ideal for repair and bodywork on heavy vehicles.

10 ton C-clamp

Our ergonomically designed 10 ton C-clamps easily straighten local deformations in confined areas. The damage can be reached without dismounting.

20 ton C-clamp

Used for pressing and riveting, this C-clamp uses 20 ton press force where yokes and press heads support overpressure of frame rails. The frame is effectively straightened by our frame flange kit. Riveting can be performed with up to 13 mm (½”) rivets. A tow eyelet for overhead cranes is included.

40 ton C-clamp

Used for pressing and straightening of deformed frame rails, this press version is equipped with two different yokes with support and press heads, to overpress the frame until it reaches its final form.

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