BM53000 Mobile Play Detector

The BM53000 mobile play detector consists of a power unit and 2 heavy galvanised steel plates, each of which are driven by 4 hydraulic rams.

This allows this powerful mobile play detector to reveal even the smallest amount of play in a vehicle’s suspension and steering components – without causing any damage to the components.

  • Can be easily paired with a BM20200 mobile roller brake tester to form the basis of a mobile test line by adding a set of joiner ramps
  • BM53000 can also work stand alone and be positioned almost anywhere, even across a pit
  • Powerful yet gentle 4 way hydraulic movement of the plates
  • Can be used with both plates moving together and individual one-side-only operation to allow you to focus on potential problem areas
  • Ergonomically designed wireless remote control with powerful LED torch
  • 2 year warranty


The BM53000 is a mobile unit that’s ideal for both repair workshops and vehicle inspection bodies. It’s the perfect unit if you have multiple workshops or want to take your service to your client’s premises.

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