BM14200 In-Ground Roller Brake Tester – Heavy Vehicles

In Ground Roller Brake Tester

The BM14200 is a strong in-ground brake tester for light and heavy vehicles with an axle load up to 20t and is designed for workshop and vehicle inspection applications. This brake tester unit features a long range of options, which allows for a configuration which can meet most customer requirements. The system has some great features too including:

  • Simple Guided Test
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements of key items
  • Complies to the Australian Standard
  • Tests accepted by all Australian Governments
  • Test a wide range of vehicles
  • Automatic axle weighing
  • Service line and cylinder air pressure measurement
  • Tablet PC control
  • All tests saved to database
  • 24-month warranty of parts and labour
  • Optional chassis load simulation
  • Optional air pressure testing
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BM14200 Roller Brake Tester

The BM14200 is the result of over 40 years of development and is the mainstay of many vehicle test stations around the world including the UK and New Zealand. It is a highly-advanced system with very high reliability. This means that your business or customers will not be left waiting, and the total cost of it is lower too.


The advanced roller surface is aimed at maximising roller life and maintaining the correct co-efficient of friction to match the road surface. As standard the BM14200 is supplied with hot galvanised sub-frames, which are concreted into the ground before the actual brake tester is installed. All other metal surfaces are galvanised too, this provides you with a long service life from your investment.

BM FlexCheck Windows software

The BM14200 is supplied with a Windows PC & Colour Laser Printer as well as a Windows based Tablet PC. The BM Assist guide allows users to easily and efficiently test a 3-axle vehicle in a matter of minutes. The system can optionally be equipped with an external flat screen display if required.

The BM14200 is supplied with BM FlexCheck software for both the PC and the Tablet which allows easy configuration and management of vehicles, as well as recording all completed tests. The database is searchable so you can recall every test for a specific vehicle or customer and re-print the results.

BM14200 Brake Tester Key Strengths

The BM14200 roller brake tester has one of the strongest designs in the market and is built to withstand a high daily throughput of fully laden vehicles. The BM14200 is designed for brake test of all vehicles from passenger cars, to the heaviest of trucks. Some of the key strengths of the BM14200 brake tester are:

Large Chain Wheels

When a brake tester is used for testing of axles, which are semi or fully laden, more stress is added to the chain system. Failing to maintain correct tension of chains has the potential to increase the risk of gear and motor damage.

In order to reduce required maintenance of chains and increase the life of the gears, motors and other components, the BM14200 is supplied with large chain wheels. Research suggests a stress reduction of approximately 33% and a reduction of required chain adjustment from four times to once a year. Due to these factors and the way the twin chain wraps around the large chain wheels, the chance of chain break is virtually nil.


Large middle roller and improved damping system

The BM14200 is supplied with 80mm diameter middle rollers, which provide a better contact with deep tread tyres. The damping system of the middle roller on BM14200 also enhances strength, lifetime and reliability.

Strength of roller axles

The strength of the axles of the rollers is increased, the roller axle on BM14200 is 60mm. The benefit is a longer mechanical lifetime due to the increase of overload capacity.

Heavy Duty Bearings

The BM14200 is equipped with heavy duty bearings, which are designed to meet the extreme loads experienced when applying the brakes to lock of a fully loaded vehicle and to absorb chock loads if/when an axle is driven hard into the rollerbed.


Improved design of automatic weighing system

The BM14200 is equipped with higher quality weight transducers, which are less sensitive to stress and have a superior crimp-characteristic. This includes, in particular, a more durable design in situations where vehicles presented, are driving through for re-checks at relatively high speed.

The BM14200 rollerbed is “hung” in the weight transducers when placed in the sub frame. The benefit of this “hanging” design is less sensitivity of the accuracy to forward and backward forces and other vertical and horizontal movements of the rollerbed.


Robust Design Leads to Lower Maintenance Cost

Due to the long history BM has in the manufacture and support of Roller Brake Testers, the design and ruggedness of the equipment has been improved many times. The BM14200 provides a higher reliability and less downtime than many brake testers available. You can rest easy as the equipment is supplied with a 24 month parts and labour warranty. This can be further extended by an additional 3 year, factory backed parts only warranty (total 5 years parts and 2 years labour) for a small additional cost. The annual servicing and calibration is carried out by Levanta’s factory trained technicians, so you know everything is right.


Tablet PC Control

The included tablet PC is designed to be easily read and interpreted during the test and contains a gauge with a double brake force scale from 0 – 8 kN and 0 to 40 kN. In addition to the Analogue gauges the brake force is also displayed digitally. The tablet also provides live display of weight, efficiency, imbalance and ovality. In addition, the tablet can also display a graph of brake force over time to give the user a visual indication of brake performance.


Roller Bed L x W x H * 2: 910 x 1285 / 1535 x 622 mm
Sub-frame for Split Bed Installation – L x W x H * 2: 990 x 1355 / 1605 x 300 mm
Roller Diameter and Length: 260 mm, 1000 / 1250 mm
Friction Coefficient of Roller From Factory Dry/Wet: Min 0.7/0.6
Wheel Span *) Can be Customised: 850 to 2850 / 3350 mm
Distance Between Roller Centers: 493 mm
Maximum Test Axle Weight: 16000 kg / 20000 kg
Gear Motor Size: 16000 kg / 20000 kg
Max Brake Force Measurement: 0 – 3.600/5500 daN
Test Speed: 2.8/2.7 km/h
Display L x W x H: 930 x 820 x 100 mm
Control Box L x W x H: 760 x 600 x 210 mm
Display Brake Force Scale: 0 – 4000 / 6000 daN
Brake Force Measuring Accuracy: 0 – 100 daN : ± 2 daN
> 100 daN : ± 2 % FS
Pedal Force Measurement Accuracy: 0 – 100 daN : ± 1 daN
Power: 3 Phase 415 VAC

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