B700 Self-diagnosing wheel balancer

Ideal for car, van, and truck wheels

The B700 is a microprocessor wheel balancer with self-calibration and self-diagnosis that is ideally suited for balancing car, van and truck wheels. This is automatic, versatile and robust unit is a great addition for any workshop.

  • Microprocessor wheel balancer
  • LCD colour VDU (optional)
  • Built in pneumatic wheel lift up to 200kg

With simply graphics allowing operators to learn how to use the machine quickly and easily, plus simple, intuitive keyboard for data input and program selection, this is a quickly integrated piece of equipment.

An automatic gauge for wheel distance measuring and for the application of adhesive weights in the Alu P programs, used for maximum precision balancing on light aluminium rims that require the application of both weights on the inner side.

This wheel balancer is equipped with a handy, functional pneumatic lift for effortless lifting and positioning of weights up to 200 kg in weight. The lift is equipped with safety handle which prevents tipping over of the wheel and simplifies handling operations.

Boasting interactive help function and two separate operating ranges (TRUCK and CAR menus). This unit has thirteen language choices for the monitor display and an electronic keyboard in software that allows customisation of the monitor.

Supply Voltage 115/230V 1 Ph-50/60 Hz
Power Draw 160 W
Shaft Diameter 46 mm
Pneumatic Air Supply Pressure 6 ÷ 15 BAR
Noise Level When Running > 70 dB (A)
Car Readout Accuracy 1 gr
Car Max. Unbalance Value Calculated 999 gr
Car Rim Diameter 8″ ÷ 20″
Car Rim Width 1,5″ ÷ 22″
Car Max. Wheel Weight 65kg
Car Average Measuring Time 6 sec
Truck Readout Accuracy 1 gr
Truck Max. Unbalance Value Calculated 1999 gr
Truck Rim Diameter 12 ÷ 28″
Truck Rim Width 4″ ÷ 20″
Truck Max. Wheel Weight 200 kg
Truck Average Measuring Time 16 sec

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