Extra High Axle Stands

The ABS8-950 is ideally suited to be used in conjunction with Mobile Column Lifts and In-Ground Lifts supporting vehicles. With a maximum load support height of 1550mm and the spindle extension, this extra high and versatile unit is an ideal high lift workshop partner.

  • 8t load support capacity
  • Supports Mobile Column and In-Ground Lifts
  • Minimum height 950mm
  • Maximum height 1550mm

Ideally suited to be used in conjunction with Mobile Column and In-Ground lifts, this extra high spindle extension axle stand is a robust and versatile load support partner for the busy workshop.

Offering multi-height positioning utilising the easily adjustable spindle extension, plus the additional mobility through the built-in strong transport wheels, this unit is easily able to accommodate the multiple heights and manoeuvrability required for your high lifting needs. With an 8t capacity this axle stand is made with a robust construction ensuring maximum stability and easy multi-levelling for even the heaviest loads.

Ideally suited to support and aid when vehicles are hoisted high in the air, this unit provides stability, strength and manoeuvrability to ensure the safety and easy working conditions your commercial business needs to get the job done.

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ABS8-950 ABS8-1400
Capacity 8,000 kg 8,000 kg
Min. Height 950 mm 1400 mm
Max. Height 1550 mm 2000 mm
Width 650 mm 880 mm
Positions spindle spindle
Net Weight 29.5 kg 35.0 kg

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