AB1.5 / AB3

Standard Passenger Car Axle Stand

Versatile and robust, this adaptable axle stand is suitable for almost any vehicle including passenger cars, trucks, busses, agricultural and contractor’s machinery. With a 1.5t holding support capacity.

  • 1.5t support capacity
  • Adjustable height
  • Robust construction
  • Minimum height 260mm

Boasting adjustability, this unit has up to 5 positions in different heights to accommodate your support needs. With a 1.5t holding support capacity this standard axle stand is made from a robust construction ensuring maximum stability and long life in your workshop.

Ideally suited to support and aid when vehicles are lifted, this unit provides stability and strength to ensure the safety and easy working conditions your commercial business needs to get the job done.

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AB1.5-260 AB1.5-420 AB3-320
Capacity 1,500 kg 1,500 kg 3,000 kg
Min. Height 260 mm 420 mm 320 mm
Max. Height 450 mm 750 mm 430 mm
Width 270 mm 430 mm 310 mm
Positions 5 5 5
Net Weight 2.2 kg 3.6 kg 3.8 kg

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