Multi-Position Automatic Tyre Changer

This universal electrohydraulic tyre changer is perfectly suited for truck, bus, and industrial vehicle wheels. Suitable for working on tyres with, or without, inner tubes, this is a great heavy duty tyre changer.

  • Universal self-centering chuck
  • Single speed dual direction rotation
  • Work on tyres with, or without, tubes

26” Heavy Duty Tyre Changer

A great heavy duty tyre changer, the F260 controls are located on a movable stand which allows the operator to work the machine from any position they choose. Moreover, for the operator’s perfect safety, there is a low voltage supply to the controls (24 V).

Supplied accessories:

  • Pair of bead clamps
  • Roller for tubeless
  • Set of 4 jaws for alloy rims
  • Bead guide lever
  • Clamp for alloy rims

The universal self-centring chuck is activated by a hydraulic cylinder and can lock (without extensions) rims up to 26” from the inside, or from the central hole. Rotation is available in either direction at a workable speed of 7.5 rpm.

The tool holder arm can be set in two fixed positions, divided by a distance of 315mm, while the mechanical tool arm tip lock device, prevents the arm from being moved to its “non-working position” if the tool has been removed.

For total operator safety, a pilot operated dual seal check valve prevents the spindle carrier arm from dropping if the hydraulic circuit accidentally breaks.

Handles Rims From 14″ ÷ 26″
Max. Wheel Diamater 1600 mm
Max. Wheel Width 780 mm
Max Wheel Weight 700 kg
Wheel Lifting Cylinder Capacity 1200 kg
Working Pressure 130 BAR
Gear Box Motor (3Ph – 230/300 V – 50 Hz) 1.5 Kw
Pump Motor (3 Ph – 230/400 V – 50 Hz) 1.1 Kw
Noise Level When Running/td> > 70 dB (A)
Machine Weight With Accessories 530 Kg