Levanta builds cutting-edge workshop fitouts for Transdev

Ensuring consistency across multiple workshop sites

When Transdev, a leading Victorian public transport company, needed to modernise their three large bus depots, they turned to Levanta.

Running a fleet of more than 500 vehicles, Transdev Melbourne provides bus services for a third of the city’s bus network. Their 1,100+ staff can work out of any of their three sites.

Levanta designed, installed, and serviced state-of-the art bus depots for Transdev in Melbourne, Heatherton, and Sunshine West.

Consistency of design the key criteria

With a fleet of buses being run across the three sites, a best-practice design that could be rolled out across each was needed.

What’s more, because Transdev’s technicians could be assigned to work from any branch, it was important that the workshop design was consistent from site to site. That way, there would be little or no retraining required and employees could easily work from any of the workshops as required.

Being able to rely on backup, service and support from a national workshop company was also important for Transdev. They sought the cost savings and efficiencies that would come from selecting a single supplier to handle the entire project.

Another factor in Transdev’s decision making was the need for a guaranteed quick turnaround of the workshop design and build. Having been awarded a contract for bus transport by Public Transport Victoria, Transdev has already purchased additional vehicles to meet their commitments. Clearly, it was critical that the new depots were fully functional in time to meet their service commencement. Levanta provided them with this commitment.

How Levanta delivered a custom workshop fitout

Levanta designed, supplied and installed a range of workshop equipment and systems for Transdev.

The centrepiece of the workshop was a 15 metre prefabricated workshop pit, complete with lighting and ventilation, supplied and installed by Levanta. The service pit was fully fitted out with an AC Hydraulic 20t pit jack, and a concertina pit cover for safety.

A BM roller brake tester (one of 7 brake testers rolled out nationally) and wheel play detectors provided Transdev with in-house safety capability, and a fully engineered lubrication reticulation system and lube stands ensured efficiency for technicians throughout the workshop.

The fitout was completed with bulk new and waste fluid tanks and a 20HP industrial rotary screw air compressor.