Daimler Trucks – Hazelmere WA

One Huge Location, with Two Installed Destinations

Due to the rapid growth, Daimler Trucks Perth desperately needed a new, larger workshop to accommodate their client servicing, preparation and maintenance needs. Looking for speed, efficiency and most importantly space, Daimler turned to Levanta to deliver.

Project Challenge

Increased sales and the associated growth in their service division meant that Daimler Trucks Perth needed to expand their sales and service centres to cope with the increased workload. This realisation presented Daimler with a unique opportunity to relocate some of their existing workshop and install new equipment to a brand new, purpose built facility. Enhancing their capabilities, Daimler Trucks expanded their brand new premises to include a new pre-delivery centre, increased office and yard area, plus an additional servicing and maintenance workshop. Their goal for the new Hazelmere WA Truck Centre, was to create one of the largest and most advanced service facilities in Australia.

Our Solution

To ensure that they made the right decision when it came to workshop equipment, Daimler put their trust in Levanta to provide them with a reliable and lasting solutions to fit their needs and budget. We worked directly with the Dealer Principal, in conjunction with architects, builders and internal systems networking teams, to deliver this benchmark project. Manufacturing unique equipment specifically for the space, supplying heavy duty equipment and designing with the best space to productivity principles for higher throughput and enhanced flow, the two workshops were delivered on time and on budget; delivering the modern showroom appearance requested by Daimler Trucks.

The project required the supply and install a range of workshop equipment to best fit the needs of the client, including:

Client Benefit

This heavy vehicle workshop fit-out project has exceeded the client brief and expectations. Delivering on our promise of a benchmark facility, Daimler’s new premises has been built to deliver increased capabilities, more efficient throughput, clear and effective flow principles, as well as increased productivity and profitability. Allowing more trucks to be prepared, serviced and maintained through the upgraded service capabilities has delivered an increase in sales, happier customers and growing revenue for Daimler Trucks Perth.

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Hastings Deering – Richlands QLD

With short timeframes and a full service facility brief, we worked closely with Hastings Deering to source, manufacture and install a full range of equipment, delivering the fit out on time and on budget.

Project Challenge

With the introduction of a new range of on Highway Trucks by Caterpillar, Hastings Deering required a service facility to allow them to properly support the new product line. The client required a full gamut of workshop equipment and systems to be sourced, installed and commissioned in a very short timeframe.

Our Solution

Levanta was engaged to assist with the selection of the right equipment to allow the client to maximise the throughput of service jobs not only for the new range of Cat trucks, but also a wide variety of other brands, which were predominantly fitted with Caterpillar engines.

The project included:

Client Benefit

The increased operational flexibility and enhanced range servicing achieved through our cost effective solution, was provided on time and to brief, resulting in the client being more than capable of supporting the new product line. With a full range of workshop equipment and systems installed, Hastings Deering now have a clean, safe and practical service and inspection space that will successfully support their range requirements, now and into the future.

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New workshop fitout for Mulgoa Quarries

Increased in-house efficiency, safety and productivity

Based in Western Sydney NSW, Mulgoa Quarries Pty Ltd carry out civil engineering, contaminated site remediation, bulk earthworks and haulage, disposal and contract quarrying.

Far from being “just earthmoving equipment”, Mulgoa Quarries’ fleet of heavy vehicles represents a substantial investment in the latest technology. Their growing modern fleet includes dozers, scrapers, dump trucks, excavators, loaders, compactors, graders and over 20 truck and dog trailers, all serviced and maintained in-house.

Mulgoa Quarries saw the need for a sophisticated new workshop to replace their old workshop with its outdated hoists and machinery. They turned to Levanta for a new workshop fitout that would improve efficiency and safety for their fleet.

Levanta’s workshop design service helps smooth the path

Mulgoa Quarries’ new workshop is housed in a brand new building constructed by FDC Building.

Scott Richardson, Project Manager at FDC, said, “I think Levanta did a great job and Mulgoa Quarries seem to be very happy with their equipment!”

Scott said Levanta’s design services and their detailed drawings made his job as builder much easier.

New workshop equipment offers increased capability

To service their trucks and dog trailers simultaneously, Mulgoa Quarries opted for dual 25 tonne capacity knuckle lifts. This arrangement meant they don’t need to unhitch the trailers prior to maintenance, resulting in much improved efficiency.

The knuckle lifts are recessed into the workshop floor when not in use, popping up when needed. This setup provides increased useable area in the workshop when the hoists aren’t in use.

Levanta installed a BM Autoteknik roller brake tester and play detectors, allowing Mulgoa Quarries to bring this important safety function in-house. Again, this setup offers increased efficiency and time savings compared to their previous practice of sending their fleet out to ensure compliance.

In-house brake testing allows Mulgoa Quarries to proactively ensure high standards, and pick up potential component failure before it occurs.

A waste oil disposal system was installed for better productivity, and the new workshop fitout was completed with a wash bay facility that allows the team to pressure wash equipment from both sides after maintenance. This helps to maintain the Mulgoa Quarries brand presentation on their vehicles.

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Levanta completes three new fitouts for Penske Power Systems

New workshop refurbishments now up and running

When Penske Power Systems took over MTU Diesels in Australia, they soon realised they needed refurbishment and modernisation work for three of their key workshops.

Now that Penske Power Systems were completely responsible for Western Star, MAN Truck and Bus, and Dennis Eagle commercial vehicles in Australia, they needed extra workshop capacity and equipment.

The MAN Trucks dealerships at Chipping Norton in Sydney, Wacol in Brisbane, and Hazelmere in Perth were the first of Penske’s new Australian network to receive workshop upgrades.

Levanta chosen for comprehensive workshop modernisation project

Each of the three workshops was fitted out with two knuckle lifts, a fully reticulated lubrication system (including an oil monitoring system), and roller brake testers and shakers to bring the brake testing function in-house.

Thanks to the significant investment that was required, Penske understandably performed a rigorous due diligence process, assessing a wide range of workshop fitout suppliers.

Levanta were the successful tenderer thanks to their superiority in two key areas:

  • The high quality, mechanically superior equipment they supplied, and
  • Truly national service coverage by Levanta staff.

Another big ‘tick’ for Levanta was their ability to provide a comprehensive service from start to finish, encompassing:

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Fuel Trans Darwin expands capability with knuckle lift

Levanta team offers safe, straightforward heavy vehicle lifting

Fuel Trans Australia is an independent fuel cartage contractor operating fuel tankers throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory. All 50 vehicles in their fleet are company owned and maintained in-house.

When Fuel Trans were appointed as BP’s Accredited Fuel Hauler for the NT, they realised they needed to expand their in-house lifting capacity. They turned to Levanta for a solution.

Knuckle lift provides an alternative to service pit

Because Fuel Trans were leasing their property, they were unable to cut the necessary hole in the workshop floor to install a pit.

As an alternative Levanta advised installing a knuckle lift to provide the safe lifting capability they needed to service their fleet properly. The knuckle lift can handle prime movers all the way up to a tri drive axle vehicle – and it also meant Fuel Trans could move the lift in future if they changed premises.

A smooth and straightforward setup experience

Fuel Trans owner Stephen Crawford said, “Levanta’s setup was really straightforward. We told them where we wanted the lift, and they got stuck in and did it.”

“Their team showed us how to use the lift, and even demonstrated some safety features we weren’t aware of,” he said. “It really gives us peace-of-mind that we have the right solution.”

“Going with a knuckle lift and no hole needed in the slab meant it was an easy conversation with the landlord,” Stephen said. “That was something we’d struggled with previously.”

“We’re delighted with Levanta,” he said.

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Levanta completes workshop refit for Emerald Carrying Co

Project demonstrates the viability of improving an operational workshop

A leading provider of logistics services in Central Queensland, Emerald Carrying Co wanted to improve the capacity and capability of their heavy vehicle service workshop.

With a proven track record of providing reliable and efficient logistics services, they needed a workshop at their Roseneath Depot in Townsville that would help them deliver the superior customer service and satisfaction they’re renowned for.

Yet they couldn’t simply close down operations while waiting for a new workshop to be completed. They turned to Levanta for an improved workshop facility complete with service pit, in a short timeframe that would have minimal impact on their operations.

Installing a prefabricated service pit for heavy vehicles

Emerald Carrying Co’s workshop was enhanced with the addition of a 15 metre long prefabricated service pit for an extremely safe, robust working environment. The pit was custom designed and manufactured to the client’s exact specifications by Levanta.

The advantage of choosing a prefabricated pit in this situation was obvious. Because the pit arrived on-site finished and ready to go in-ground, the installation process was far more streamlined and able to be completed much more quickly.

Complementing the service pit was an AC Hydraulic 20 tonne pit jack, a rapid and precise air hydraulic unit that provides balanced and efficient lifting of heavy trucks. The jack’s mechanical safety lock system ensures safety for Emerald Carrying Co’s employees too.

The service pit installation was competed with the inclusion of sub-frame infrastructure, ready for play detectors (or shakers) to be added at a later date.

Adding a Roller Brake Tester to enhance in-house capability

merald Carrying Co’s service pit was given even greater capability with the addition of a BM 14200 in-ground Roller Brake Tester.

With an axle load up to 20t, the BM 14200 is robust and built to withstand their high daily throughput of fully laden vehicles. It was configured by Levanta to precisely meet the service team’s requirements.

Once again, to ensure minimal disruption to Emerald Carrying Co’s operations, Levanta focused on making the installation process streamlined and straightforward. The Levanta team provided drawings and detailed information for concrete cutting, civil excavation, and all electrical requirements for the RBT.

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New super maintenance centre for Cleanaway Dandenong

In-house capability boosted thanks to Levanta’s workshop fitout

Cleanaway Dandenong are up and running with a brand new, comprehensive heavy vehicle service facility with a fitout from Levanta.

The impressive new workshop is designed to amalgamate the service function of multiple existing sites, to bring Cleanaway’s complete maintenance capability into one super centre.

By incorporating high quality equipment and improving processes, this approach was designed to increase efficiency and allow Cleanaway to handle greater service volumes in one centralised location.

Focused on safety and productivity

Cleanaway have a strong business-wide focus on safety in everything they do. This meant that a critical requirement of the fitout was for first class safe equipment and processes.

Equally passionate about safety, Levanta were an excellent fit for the project. The team collaborated closely with the builder and Cleanaway to work through the approval process of the drawings and layouts.

The Levanta team were closely involved in design discussions right from the early stages of the project, to work out how the equipment would integrate with the planned building structure.

Roller brake testers bring additional safety in-house

Another impressive new piece of equipment for Cleanaway was the BM18200 in-ground lifting bed roller brake tester. This new technology compresses the vehicle’s suspension and then lifts as it tests to transfer more weight onto the tested axle, offering far more accurate results.

The RBT was paired with BM53000 in-ground play detectors for inspecting the suspension and steering underbody components of vehicles. It allows trained operators to quickly identify any faulty components.

A workshop fitout designed to improve efficiency and throughput

The brand new workshop provides a ca

The centrepiece of the fitout was an impressive 3 bay, 25 metre long suspended ceiling pit. Being three trucks wide the service pit allows Cleanaway to park semi-trailers over it or to service multiple smaller rigid trucks at one time.

Fully galvanised for longevity, it provides efficient and fast entry and exit for vehicles being serviced.

Levanta outfitted the service pit with all the accessories needed for fast and safe operation. Pit jacks offer flexibility for accessing different lifting points on vehicles, and waste drainers for simple and practical removal of used oils.

Safety features included automatic rolling safety covers for to ensure safety for workshop technicians around the service pits, and internal ventilation to extract harmful exhaust gases.

Along with the suspended ceiling pit Levanta provided two UL2 in-ground lifts, just the second time they’ve been installed in Australia. This innovative new product allows heavy vehicles to be quickly lifted via their axles, leaving the wheels free to be serviced.

The in-ground lift saves significant space in the workshop area. It can be fully retracted to allow trucks to drive unimpeded through the workshop, and when in use provides easy access to the vehicle for Cleanaway’s technicians who are working safely on a flat, concrete workshop surface.

Levanta also installed a fully reticulated oil delivery system featuring multiple oils piped to relevant dispenser points. It was paired with a compressed air delivery system throughout the workshop.

lean and clear work place, improved work flow, and provided the ability to service multiple vehicles simultaneously, while delivering high productivity capabilities and safe work spaces for their technicians. From design consultation through to the supply and installation, our complete workshop fit out provided the perfect equipment to space ratio to achieve Ford’s goals for their new service area.

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New pre-fab service pit for Transdev North Fitzroy

Levanta helps improve in-house maintenance function

Providing bus services for a third of Melbourne’s network, public transport company Transdev has more than 1,100 employees and 505 vehicles.

They needed to upgrade their old concrete service pit and other equipment at their North Fitzroy maintenance facility. Transdev engaged Levanta to install a new compliant pre-fabricated service pit that would improve their workshop efficiency and safety.

The Levanta workshop team worked closely with Transdev and their builder to install the pit, creating an installation schedule that would fit within the client’s construction timeline.

Pre-fabricated service pit delivers efficiencies

Levanta recommended a pre-fabricated drop-in service pit that offered Transdev several advantages. Crucially, it meant that installation time was greatly reduced, with less time needed on-site. And since Transdev have pre-fab pits already installed at their other sites, their technicians are familiar with the equipment and can move between sites and work seamlessly.

Safety and efficiency were critical requirements for Transdev. The service pit was installed complete with a full ventilation system to extract exhaust gases while buses are serviced. An automatic pit safety cover prevents technicians from falling and injuring themselves when the pit is not in use. And a rolling AC Hydraulic 20 tonne pit jack – with automatic mechanical safety locks – services the entire length of the pit.

Additionally, Levanta installed new oil, compressed air and coolant pipework throughout the workshop to new gantries. Levanta took care to position the layout to ensure the optimum workflow for Transdev’s technicians.

Mobile roller brake tester fills the service gap

During the changeover from old concrete pit to new pre-fab service pit, Transdev’s existing roller brake tester (that had been supplied by Levanta) had to be removed and taken off site during construction.

It was critical for Transdev to maintain their in-house brake testing capability. Even with installation time minimised, that meant sourcing an alternative tester during this time.

Levanta supplied a mobile brake tester and shakers to allow Transdev to continue testing their fleet’s brakes while the installation work was being done.

The roller brake tester was still highly functional and in good condition. With the pit installation complete, Levanta then reinstalled and re-calibrated the roller brake tester once more.

Transdev now utilise the mobile brake tester and shakers across all of their Melbourne maintenance sites.

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Transdev – Melbourne VIC

Levanta builds cutting-edge workshop fitouts for Transdev

Ensuring consistency across multiple workshop sites

When Transdev, a leading Victorian public transport company, needed to modernise their three large bus depots, they turned to Levanta.

Running a fleet of more than 500 vehicles, Transdev Melbourne provides bus services for a third of the city’s bus network. Their 1,100+ staff can work out of any of their three sites.

Levanta designed, installed, and serviced state-of-the art bus depots for Transdev in Melbourne, Heatherton, and Sunshine West.

Consistency of design the key criteria

With a fleet of buses being run across the three sites, a best-practice design that could be rolled out across each was needed.

What’s more, because Transdev’s technicians could be assigned to work from any branch, it was important that the workshop design was consistent from site to site. That way, there would be little or no retraining required and employees could easily work from any of the workshops as required.

Being able to rely on backup, service and support from a national workshop company was also important for Transdev. They sought the cost savings and efficiencies that would come from selecting a single supplier to handle the entire project.

Another factor in Transdev’s decision making was the need for a guaranteed quick turnaround of the workshop design and build. Having been awarded a contract for bus transport by Public Transport Victoria, Transdev has already purchased additional vehicles to meet their commitments. Clearly, it was critical that the new depots were fully functional in time to meet their service commencement. Levanta provided them with this commitment.

How Levanta delivered a custom workshop fitout

Levanta designed, supplied and installed a range of workshop equipment and systems for Transdev.

The centrepiece of the workshop was a 15 metre prefabricated workshop pit, complete with lighting and ventilation, supplied and installed by Levanta. The service pit was fully fitted out with an AC Hydraulic 20t pit jack, and a concertina pit cover for safety.

A BM roller brake tester (one of 7 brake testers rolled out nationally) and wheel play detectors provided Transdev with in-house safety capability, and a fully engineered lubrication reticulation system and lube stands ensured efficiency for technicians throughout the workshop.

The fitout was completed with bulk new and waste fluid tanks and a 20HP industrial rotary screw air compressor.

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