The complete workshop fit out included:

Mercedes-Benz Castle Hill’s brand new workshop fitout has recently been designed and completed by Levanta.

Importantly, the Levanta team were engaged to became involved in the project before a builder was even chosen. This meant that detailed documentation could be provided to builders during the tender stage, ensuring there were minimal variations required for the finished project.

Focussing on efficiencies for high vehicle throughput

A critical aim for the Levanta design team was ensuring high vehicle throughput from the finished workshop layout.

Encouraging high staff engagement and low turnover is a major focus for modern dealership workshops. To this end, Levanta focused on ensuring immaculate built-in aesthetics, creating a workshop environment that’s a pleasure for Mercedes-Benz’s technicians to work in.

Smooth working relationship provides great end result

“Working with Levanta was a pleasure. They provided us with two key solutions which enabled us to work together quite smoothly and efficiently,” said Nik Katris, Group Fixed Operations Manager for Mercedes-Benz Castle Hill. “We’ve ended up with a great end product, so thanks again Levanta,” he said.

It’s a sentiment echoed by Meon Nehrybecki, Group Dealer Principal for Mercedes-Benz Castle Hill. “We worked with Levanta Workshop Systems right from the initial design phase with the architects, to ensure that we had all elements covered. It’s not every day that you build a new dealership.”

“It’s good to gain Levanta’s expertise from a national perspective,” Mr Nehrybecki said. “They’ve worked with a lot of automotive workshops and installs. They did everything from turn key to where are today.”

Levanta’s full turnkey workshop fitout design incorporated: