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What’s the best hoist for safely lifting Toyota 4WDs in your workshop?

Your guide to 4 post hoists and knuckle lifts

Nearly all incidents in Australia where a vehicle falls off a hoist involve ‘trucks’ – or other vehicles with an uneven centre of gravity – being lifted with a 2 post hoist. In Australia a Toyota LandCruiser is often the guilty party.

The 79 Series with a light or empty tray is the worst offender, however empty Troop Carriers and 100 Series are not exempt.

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This challenge is also exacerbated when your technicians unbalance the vehicle by removing heavy components such as crank casing, transmission etc, or exert themselves on a tight bolt at the front or rear of the vehicle.

So what’s the best way to lift 79 Series LandCruisers safely in your vehicle workshop?

Toyota Japan issues timely warning for lifting LandCruisers

In their vehicle manuals, Toyota Japan issues a caution that swing arm and plate type (belly lift) hoists should not be used for lifting some of their vehicles. This includes the Toyota 79 Series LandCruiser, and the 100 Series LandCruiser unless fitted with independent front suspension.

These model LandCruisers are dangerous to lift on a 2 post hoist due to their lifting points and centre of gravity. If a 79 Series was presented for service with a load in the tray, or with heavy tooling on board (consequently moving the centre of gravity further back), there is no reason why the vehicle can’t be lifted safety.

However, you can appreciate that in the ‘real world’ conditions of your busy vehicle workshop, that’s far from always being the case.

Toyota Japan’s warning places a lot of responsibility on your workshop foreman in allocating bays and repairs correctly; as well as the technician loading and working on the vehicle.

A better alternative for safely lifting Toyota 79 Series and 100 Series LandCruisers could be to outfit your workshop with a quality 4 post hoist or knuckle lift.

Your options for safely lifting Toyota LandCruisers

A good quality four post or platform type (scissor or knuckle lift), installed in the best possible location, with either a built-in pantograph lift or dual jacking beams (so that wheels can be removed and rotated), is a realistic, safe and workable option.

Depending on your workshop and client base, your options could include:

4T 4 post hoist with jacking beams

The HD-9 Series is a great space saving 4 post hoist. With a lift capacity of up to 4 tonnes, and the option of additional jacking beams, it offers you increased safety for lifting 79 Series LandCruisers.

Whilst this lift will do the job, it’s not the ideal solution. You’ll find many 79 Series utes can come in for a service whilst loaded – i.e. with toolboxes full of tools or full tradie set-ups.

6T 4 post hoist with jacking beams

The HDS-14 series is a rugged medium duty commercial 4 post hoist. It offers you a step up in productivity with a generous 6.3t lifting capacity. Just as with the 4T option, you can choose to add jacking beams to upgrade your workshop safety even further.

The HDS-14 is ideal for lifting the 79 Series LandCruiser thanks to its extra capacity, longer platforms, and greater room between the posts.

KAR45 knuckle lift

Offering maximum stability and precision, the new KAR 45 vertical electro-hydraulic knuckle lift is ideal for lifting up to 4.5T in safety. Its special frame and four fixed joint-legs give you a perfectly firm runway for every workshop loading condition.

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Choosing the right hoist for the job

When selecting a lift for your workshop, you should consider:

  • The available width and bay length
  • Appropriate air supply
  • Working room
  • The lift platform’s length, width, and height
  • Vehicle turning circles
  • The proximity of other hoists, services and building structure

Remember: if you choose to install a new 4 post or similar hoist, your goal is to safely lift 79 & 100 Series LandCruisers. Don’t compromise the success of your decision by attempting to get more out of the hoist and also using it for small cars or vans, etc.

By not using your new hoist solely for servicing the 79 & 100 Series, you could cause frustration and delay in your service offering to customers.

More ways to lift 4WDs safely

Along with installing the right model of lift in your workshop, there are a number of things you can do to improve safety for your employees, customers, and their vehicles. These include:

Additional training on hoist operation

With new hoists comes the need for additional training for all users on the correct loading and operation of four post hoists.

Fitting additional safety accessories

When recommended by the manufacturer, you should take care to use the correct accessories with your hoist, including props.

Installing wheel stops on lifts

To ensure the 79 Series LandCruiser is stopped in the correct place for safe lifting, make sure that wheel stops are fitted and marked.

For more information on your options for safe vehicle lifting, call Levanta now on 1300 577 541 or fill out the contact form here.

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