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Is exhaust extraction in my workshop mandatory?

What you need to know to breathe easy in your business

The exhaust gases from cars, trucks and buses in your automotive workshop contain very dangerous pollutants. Just consider these sobering facts:

  • A cold-start engine can reach toxic levels within a closed building in minutes
  • Repeated exposure to lower levels of hazardous and carcinogenic exhaust fumes can lead to very negative health effects over time
  • Diesel exhaust contains a very complex mixture of gases and particles that is particularly harmful

For all these reasons, it’s a very good idea to include effective fume extraction in your workshop, to carry away airborne contaminants before your employees or customers can breathe them in.

Why consider fitting exhaust extraction in your workshop?

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK estimates that exposure to chemicals and dust causes 12,000 deaths every year. For this reason, exhaust extraction systems have been legislated for in the UK and parts of Europe – and we believe it’s only a matter of time before they are legislated in Australia.

In our opinion (and many of our clients agree), fitting a high quality exhaust extraction to your car dealership workshop could prevent a litigation claim.

Compared to the cost of one of your employees claiming damaging effects to their respiratory system, your initial investment in an exhaust extraction system would pay off hands down.

What’s more, if an employee was to make a claim against you, and you had provided a suitable exhaust extraction system, the case would likely be seen in a different light.

Your exhaust extraction system options

There are a number of different ways you can ensure sufficient exhaust extraction.

In some cases natural ventilation could be sufficient, however in basements or areas with restricted air flow, a mechanical exhaust extraction system is highly recommended.

For a car dealership, one method is to run a rail system along the back of all work bays, with carriages that slide along to the work bay where extraction is required. Fans then suck the exhaust gases straight from the exit point on the vehicle, through ducting and a fan system to exit the building safely.

Alternatively you may choose to fit exhaust extraction to a handful of adjacent bays, and then carry out all repairs that involve a running engine within these bays. However this solution may constrict your overall workflow.

You should also note that some OEM’s stipulate sufficient exhaust extraction methods as part of their CI.

Talk to us for exhaust extraction for existing or new workshops

If you are building a new workshop, it’s a good idea to speak with our consultants early, so that we can integrate the extraction into the build. This approach helps to make it easier and more cost-effective.

We can also provision for it in case you want to quickly add exhaust extraction in the future. Or if you have an existing building, we can fit exhaust extraction to it.

Levanta’s value proposition is simple: “We enable our client to become efficient, reliable and profitable by providing quality design services underpinned by a high-end and diverse product range”.

We’re here to help. Contact Levanta now on 1300 577 541 or get in touch online to discuss the ideal exhaust extraction system for your vehicle workshop.

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