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5 tips to ensure your car hoists increase your workshop’s efficiency

How to choose the right auto lift for your workshop

Much the same way as any long-term investment for your business, purchasing a car lift or hoist calls for careful planning and consideration, to give you the maximum ROI from your equipment.

As a helpful guide to Levanta’s huge range of two-post and four-post auto lifts and scissor lifts, we’ve put together the following pointers on picking the right model of car lift for your garage.

1) Consider your available floor and ceiling space

Of course, adding a car lift to your workshop will not only require sufficient floor space, but also enough overhead clearance to let you raise a vehicle off the ground. So before you begin browsing our range of car lifts, make sure you take the time to measure your available space both horizontally and vertically to ensure the lift will fit in your garage and be able to go through the full range of motion even with a vehicle on board.

2) Keep in mind the size of vehicles you’ll be lifting

Your new vehicle lift should have the power and capacity to safely accommodate the size and type of vehicles your workshop most often services. If you service only certain makes, this might mean choosing between only a few specific car lift models. On the other hand if you’re a generalist workshop (and if your budget allows), you’ll be able to service a much bigger variety of vehicles by investing in the biggest four-post lift you can afford.

3) Do you need both storage and parking from your new car lift?

If you need to make the most of your available floor space, you could be better off investing in an “all-rounder” lift that can handle parked vehicles. Some lifts, such as the HD-9 Series, are designed to offer you a storage or parking area as well as a means of providing easy access to the underside of a vehicle.

4) Should you choose a portable car lift?

If you’re working within a smaller space, there are still car lift options available to you. If you don’t have space to permanently install a car lift, you may be able to choose from our range of specialty car lifts and scissor lifts. They don’t require installation, and can be moved into your workspace only when needed.

5) Check the manufacturer’s warranty on your car lift

Before you commit to buying any car lift, it’s worthwhile taking the time to check the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Your car lift will soon be central to the way you work, so it’s important to understand what’s covered in the event of a breakdown.

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Some car hoist manufacturers offer more comprehensive coverage and better service than others, so do your research and choose a brand with a great reputation. For example, the XPR Series of 2 post hoists come with a 5-2-1 warranty (five years on the lift structure; two years on the hydraulic cylinder(s) and power unit; and one year on labour).

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Having the right car or truck lift in your workshop can help improve your business’s productivity and safety – and help you offer a better service to your customers.

To find out more about our range of car lifts and how they can help make your workshop safer and more efficient, call Levanta on 1300 577 541 or use the contact forms for your local office here. 

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