Mechanical Hydraulic Lifting Equipment – No Compromise

When you expect the very best in mechanical hydraulic lifting equipment, there is no other choice but AC Hydraulic lifting equipment. Whether you are performing general purpose or heavy duty day-to-day jacking, or maintaining and repairing custom or low profile vehicles, we have the right hydraulic lifting equipment you’ll need!

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AC Hydraulic

Lifting Equipment designed for safety and performance

AC Hydraulic believes in no compromise when it comes to its Hydraulic Lifting Equipment. Setting the industry standards since 1958 for innovative and safe Hydraulic Equipment, AC Hydraulic takes Mechanical Lifting Equipment to the next level.

Offering a range of products to suit any workshop AC Hydraulic prides itself on being compatible with all current pit Lifting Equipment, making it the go to brand for design and service.

After sales servicing and Parts

All Hydraulic Lifting Equipment must undergo safety inspections at least once a year by a qualified professional. Any broken, damaged or worn Lifting Equipment parts must be replaced with genuine jack manufacturer-supplied parts only. All safety labels must remain visible and legible. Spare parts may become unavailable for any model that is discontinued or deleted.

Manufacturing Quality

AC Hydraulic produces all its Lifting Equipment onsite in Denmark using state-of-the-art machinery to ensure precision and quality. Before being shipped to workshops each product is rigorously tested to ensure excellence and certified, according to IS0 9001:2000.

Always thinking to the future of Mechanical Lifting Equipment, AC Hydraulic continually seeks to improve its designs as well as develop new innovative products that meet industry needs and expectations of quality and endurance.


On receipt of all Mechanical Lifting Equipment inspections for defects or faults must be made immediately and informed to AC Hydraulic through writing. If no inspection is made, any rights to claims are void, as claims cannot be made at a later date upon fault discovery.

Any Lifting Equipment defects caused by faulty materials will be rectified with either repair or new equipment. AC Hydraulic is on liable for defects discovered in the first 24 months of delivery and any defects must be reported within 8 days of discovery or all manufacturers obligations are voided.

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