Frequently Asked Questions

Does Levanta offer an installation service?

Yes. Levanta’s factory-trained team are fully qualified to install all our workshop equipment. With their thorough understanding of all our products, they will perform your installation to the highest quality.

By relying on our trained installers, the OEM’s warranty will be maintained and your new equipment will perform to the manufacturer’s standard.

How can I be sure everything is going to fit in my workshop?

Levanta handles every aspect of our workshop fitouts, from design to installation and service. We begin by consulting with you to develop a superior solution that’s tailored to your particular business needs. Our in-house draftsmen then produce detailed workshop layouts showing where all equipment will be positioned. This system ensures we deliver exactly what we promise.

Does Levanta provide national support?

Yes. We understand your need for reliable equipment and fast response to service request. We maintain a national network of offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, equipped with an extensive range of critical spares. This enables us to help keep your workshop running and your customers satisfied.

Can you work with my OEM’s Corporate Identity requirements?

Absolutely. The Levanta team are highly experienced in working with Original Equipment Manufacturers to meet their lengthy requirements around Corporate Identity.

We will partner with you to thoroughly understand your OEM’s CI requirements, and deliver a tailored solution that fully meets them.

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