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Induction heaters from JOSAM

About JH400

JH400 is used for sheet metal straightening and loosening of smaller machine parts such as:

  • nuts up to size M24
  • pins
  • clamping rings

JH400 is used for sheet metal straightening and loosening of small machine parts such as nuts up to M24, pins, or clamping rings.
The machine is mainly used for lighter repair work. The highly efficient induction heater enables the heating of small parts without damaging parts nearby.

Overheating of the material is avoided through the use of five different output levels and a unique
regulation and power control system. Cooling of the induction heater is provided using an efficient closed water cooling system.

Enquire about this product

Enquire about this product


Hoists and other equipment in your workshop need annual servicing and certification by law for you to continue working safely and productively in your business. With our 34-point checklist and manufacturer trained servicing agents, you can be assured that your workshop equipment will work when you need it do, with the minimum downtime!

We deliver Australia-wide

Levanta’s national network of warehouses enables us to supply our workshop equipment direct to you, wherever your business is located right throughout Australia. Whether you need a service pit for a remote Pilbara mine or a 4 post hoist for a Sydney dealership workshop, we have delivery options to suit you.


All Levanta products are backed up by an industry-leading warranty. We’ve invested our reputation into our quality brands, and we stand behind our products. Our dedicated team of design engineers work hard to detect and correct any issue – no matter how small – before it gets to our customers.

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