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DK20 / DK20Q Hydraulic car jacks

Extremely low minimum height

About DK20 / DK20Q Hydraulic car jacks

Hydraulic jacks for low clearance cars

With an extremely low minimum height of 80mm this high lifting, long reach hydraulic jack is ideal for cars with low clearance. Made with a wide and robust frame of high strength steel, this unit is safe, noiseless and ergonomically designed for ease of use.

  • 2t lift capacity
  • Precise and safe control
  • Minimum height of 80mm

Lifting 2t from a low minimum height of 80mm, through to a maximum height of 495mm, this standard lift hydraulic jack is an excellent unit designed for ground hugging cars and vans.

With a wide and robust frame made from high strength steel, the DK20 is loaded with safety features including built-in safety overload and manual dead man’s release, providing optimum safety when in use.

The noiseless wheels incorporate polyurethane central O-rings, offering maximum surface protection for the vehicle, while the ergonomically designed handles ensures a positive and safe experience for operators.

Technical Specifications

DK20 DK20Q
Capacity 2,000 kg 2,000 kg
Min. Height 80 mm 80 mm
Max. Height 495 mm 495 mm
Frame Length 660 mm 660 mm
Handle Length 950 mm 950 mm
Frame Height 160 mm 160 mm
Width 410 mm 410 mm
Weight 31 kg 31 kg

Available Product Accessories


Extension FDK1, extension for cars with high clearance (100 mm), fits: DK20 / DK20Q / DK13HLQ / DK20HLQ, Extension FDK2, extension for cars with high clearance (125 mm), fits: DK40Q / DK60Q / DK100Q / DK120Q / DK50HLQ

T3 – Cross beam adaptor
T3 - Cross beam adaptor

Capacity: 1,0 t, Lifts the car for change of both wheels at the same time with telescopic arms, reach from 745 – 1150 mm

GS1 – Rubber Cushion
GS1 - Rubber Cushion

Rubber cushion for the protection of vehicle contact points.

Enquire about this product

Enquire about this product


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