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Heavy Duty and Durable Mobile Roller Brake Tester

About BM20200

Mobile Roller Brake Tester

BM20200 is a mobile roller brake tester for light and heavy vehicle inspections with accommodating an axle load up to 20,000 kg. The BM20200 tester features all options known from normal in-ground brake testers such as:

  • Simple guided test
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements of key items
  • Complies to the Australian Standard
  • Tests accepted by all Australian Governments
  • Test a wide range of vehicles
  • Automatic axle weighing
  • Tablet PC Control
  • All tests saved to database
  • 24-month warranty of parts and labour
  • Optional axle load simulation
  • Optional air pressure testing

Technical Specifications

The BM20200 roller brake tester offers a high standard of vehicle brake testing whilst being very mobile. This unit can be used in conjunction with the BM53000 mobile play detector, to create an on-ground heavy vehicle test lane. The BM20200 provides the same results as the BM14200 In-Ground brake tester without the need to permanently install the equipment.

The advantage of the BM20200 is the design, which allows for being placed and used directly on the workshop floor for truck and bus inspections without any civil work. The low overall height makes it an ideal solution for low floor buses and other vehicles with low clearances. Simply fold down the drive on/off ramps, plug in to power and turn on the computer. Starting from scratch it only takes one person 10-15 minutes to make the BM20200 operational.

Product Features

Handheld Tablet Control and BM FlexCheck Software

The BM20200 is supplied with BM FlexCheck software, which is installed on the supplied PC. The system also includes a colour laser printer and Windows Tablet PC to allow a single operator to use the system.

The tablet has a real-time display, which shows all the readings of the brake test. Together with the integrated touch screen based remote control and BM Assist guide feature, the operator can fully control the brake test from the cab of the vehicle being tested.

Extremely Low Clearance

The roller-set height is only 160 mm, which ensures against bottom out when passing with very low vehicles, such as low-floor coaches, buses and trucks.

Low Floor Space Requirements

Due to the low height of the roller-set, the length of the ramps are only 1.25 meters each side i.e. a total setup length of only 3.5 meters.

Axle Load Simulation

The BM20200 can optionally be supplied with an Axle Load Simulation system, which can simulate up to 8 tons of axle load. The system is supplied with a compressed air powered hydraulic pump to allow easy operation.

Flexibility for Easy Transport

The BM20200 can optionally be supplied with an Australian designed and built trailer to provide a completely mobile solution. Setup is a breeze with the integrated hydraulic tilt and easily deployed ramps. The trailer provides a safe and clean environment to store the BM20200 roller brake tester and optional BM53000 Play Detector (or Shaker).


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Enquire about this product


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