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B75 wheel balancing machine

High performance digital wheel balancer

About B75 wheel balancing machine

High performance digital wheel balancer with latest generation software solutions

1. DISPLAY: User-friendly and well-lit, to enable work even in very bright places.

User-friendly, modern, well-lit

2. WEIGHT TRAY: Designed to house lorry/car counterweights and work accessories. Made of highly resistant materials.

Resistant, ergonomic, spacious

3. INTEGRATED SCISSOR LIFT: Manually activated, without awkward pedals. Lifts wheels weighing up to 200kg, for optimum wheel centring every time.

Fast, robust and ergonomic, with less effort

4. SMART INTERNAL MEASURING SENSOR – AUTOSEL: Electronic acquisition of the geometric wheel data. Thanks to the AUTOSEL function, borrowed from the current car wheel balancers, the balancing program is automatically activated for spring or adhesive counterweights, avoiding the need to use the keypad.

User-friendly, for reduced work times

5. AUTOMATIC CYCLE WITH AUTOMATIC POSITION SEARCH (RPA): Spins and brakes the wheel automatically. At the end of the cycle, the wheel is brought to the balancing weight application position (RPA). The whole process is managed via new inverter technology that ensures better spin speed control for improved measuring stability.

High performance, reliable, precise measurements

6. APPLICATION OF THE ADHESIVE COUNTERWEIGHTS – ALU1P – ALU2P. The machine works on the basis of the operator’s preferences. The adhesive counterweights can be positioned in three different ways:

  • manually, at 12 o’clock or at 6 o’clock position (the traditional method)
  • with the aid of weight-holder clips (in car mode only)
  • with the aid of a 6 o’clock position laser pointer

The LED light (included in the optional LASER & LED kit) illuminates the work area to facilitate rim cleaning and counterweight application operations.

Quick counterweight application, precise balancing, maximum visibility, ergonomics

B 75 Truck is equipped with all the most advanced programs:

  • 7 balancing programs for alloy rims
  • Hidden weight for hiding the weights behind the spokes
  • 2 multi-operator work environments
  • “Visual inspection” function to check for geometric
  • wheel flaws (Visual Free)
  • Energy savings (standby)
  • Software update via a USB PENDRIVE

Technical Specifications

Shaft diameter 40 mm
Rim diameter 9″ – 28″ (automatic)/ 8″-35″
Rim width 2″-20″
Max. wheel diameter 1,200 mm
Max. wheel weight 200 kg
Rotation speed 120 rpm (car) / 80 rpm (Truck)
Average measurement time 8 sec (car) / 20 sec (Truck)
Balancing precision 1g (car) / 10g (Truck)
Machine weight 265 kg
Motor Power 370 watt
Supply voltage 230V/1PH/50Hz – 115V/1PH/60Hz
Pneumatic air supply 8-12 BAR

Enquire about this product

Enquire about this product


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