Vehicle & Workshop Wash Equipment

Levanta’s commercial range vehicle and workshop wash equipment will ensure your equipment is maintained at all times. From car wash equipment, truck wash equipment, floor scrubbers to machinery parts washers you can be confident that Levanta can ensure superior service and support for your workshop.

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Manufacturing Quality

To ensure the quality and longevity of its Workshop Cleaning Equipment significant research is undertaken to continually improve and modify products to become more innovative and reliable than the last. New materials and products are continually sought to help expand current high manufacturing targets and go beyond what the industry expects.

Ceccato believes the only way to build on quality is by listening to the Truck Wash Experience or Car Wash Experience that consumers are experiencing to enable quality to go beyond any and all expectations.


Ceccato believes its products will not only last but go beyond in its performance they offer a solid warranty for all its Workshop Cleaning Equipment.


Innovative leaders in Workshop Machinery Wash Equipment

Ceccato understand all you Workshop Cleaning Equipment needs. Catering from small cars to heavy duty vehicle cleaning, sustainability and functionality play a leading role. Offering single or multi-programme Workshop Machinery Wash Equipment Ceccato ensures not only productivity is increased but satisfaction as well..

With distinctive designs, each machine is equipped to reach the out most areas to produce an all-round clean

After sales servicing and Parts

Ceccato goes beyond just selling you Workshop Machinery Wash Equipment but offers punctual after-sales service for the entire life of the system, answering any questions or solving any problems you may come across. Spare or replacement parts are readily available and simple to acquire, where possible original parts are provided or at the very least compatible parts are sourced.

Accessories are available to customize each Workshop Cleaning Equipment to suit your individual needs.