Portable Air Hydraulic Jack

With this unit’s low minimum height of only 162mm and low weight of 27kg, the B25-2 is the ideal air/hydraulic jack for your servicing vans. Easy to operate, the handle can be used for carrying, lifting, lowering and manoeuvring, while the handy design means no loose tubes, handles or valves.

  • Low minimum height
  • Easy to carry and store
  • 2 stage capacity
    • Stage 1 – 234mm – 25t
    • Stage 2 – 317mm – 10t

Even though this unit is compact and light weight, it can easily handle the heavy lifting your service operators need to get the job done while on the road. The two stage lift capacity ratio means you can lift heavier, or you can lift higher, making this unit extremely versatile and robust enough for even the toughest on-site servicing needs.

Handy design for easy transport, easy to operate versatility, with a long life expectation due to the hard chromium plated piston rod. Boasting loads of safety features including built-in safety overload valve, transport locking device and hand operated dean man’s control for optimum safety while lifting and lowering.

This lightweight, seriously low clearance, maneuverable and portable two-stage lifting capacity jack is the ideal solution for your mobile service team.

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Portable Air Hydraulic Jack, lifting up to 25t. Lightweight, versatile portable hydraulic jack
a must for any mechanic on the move – Call For More Info!

Capacity 25,000 / 10,000 kg
Min. Height 160 mm
Max. Height 235 / 320 mm
Frame Length 535 mm
Handle Length 550 mm
Width 225 mm
Width (with wheels) 290 mm
Air supply 9 – 12 bar
Air Consumption 350 l/min
Weight 28 kg

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