RA66 BM60

Residue Free Floor Scrubber Dryer

Especially designed for varying needs, this scrubber dryer with traction motor masters every situation and guarantees thoroughly cleaned and residue free surfaces for medium and large spaces. Compact design, service friendly and excellent suction makes this a great multi-use unit for heavy duty commercial spaces.

  • Traction motor
  • Compact design
  • Low noise emission

Residue free cleanliness ensured, even for rough or heavily soiled commercial floors, achieved through an adjustable brush pressure of up to 60kg. Coupled with excellent suction performance and minimal noise, the suction motor emits just 61dB and if that is too loud for your workspace, you can opt for the silent version.

Effortless and safe to use, even over longer duration jobs, the ergonomically shaped handle bar, easy to operate control panel including a rocker function for back and forward movements, is combined with clear 360 degree visibility.

Fitted with an extremely adaptable brush system that sits flat on the floor and on uneven surfaces, you can be assured that every centimetre is cleaned with full brush pressure. Designed to accommodate varying needs, this scrubber dryer with traction motor masters every situation and guarantees thoroughly cleaned surfaces of medium and large sizing.

With option chemical dosage providing for a consistently high cleaning level while consuming low amounts of cleaning products, you can be environmentally friendly while you clean.

The unit’s compact design at a length of only 138cm, means you can fit it into all standard sized lifts. Carrying mops, brooms and additional work materials is easy, with a quick reach optional tool board located on the side of the unit.

Fast, easy and hygienic changing of brushes and pad holders, spinning on at the touch of a button, and spinning off automatically. This unit is very service friendly, with recovery tanks tilting to the side for easy access to batteries and componentry.

Maintaining compliance with all HACCP requirements and standards, the fresh water can be filled up quickly and easily via the integrated system connector or the large filling opening, while the two-tank system guarantees hygienic cleaning and disinfection every time.

Working Width 660 mm
Coverage Performance 2640 m2/h
Weight E: 147kg / O: 332kg
Solution Tank 60 L
Power Source Battery 24V
Dimensions 1375L x 680W x 1100H
Decibels 61 Std / Optional 58 Silent

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