Baltic 420 OL


Baltic is an automatic heavy vehicle washing system designed especially for public and private transport as well as industrial and commercial vehicles: buses, lorries, tanker lorries, tractor trailers…


  • Proven reliability in a historical product: solid and functional, Baltic is Ceccato’s ideal solution for companies that must manage many vehicles quickly in a continuous cycle;
  • Ease of use and maintenance combined with flexible configurations and programmes to meet all the care and cleaning needs for a variety of vehicles;
  • A sturdy, hot-galvanized structure and the tracks with roll-over and anti-derailment protective devices for total safety;
  • The innovation of procedures adapted from automobile systems, like overlapping, that allow cleaning in the most hard-to-reach points, or Robowash for high-pressure washing of the under body.


BALTIC can be equipped with:

  1. Portable control panel
  2. Control panel with key selector switch
  3. Card reader
  • All machine functions are automatically supervised by PLC
  • The electric panel is installed inside a waterproof and humidity resistant double cabinet


  • Two motors, servo-assisted by inverter, are fitted on the gantry translation system
  • Rotation and movement of the brushes are obtained through gearboxes, inverter and chain transmission
  • The hot dip galvanized gantry frame stands out for its rugged construction in comparison to other solutions that are available in the market and contributes for reliability and operational safety of the machine under all working condition


  • All models are equipped with arches for the distribution of water and for uniform application of pre wash cleaner, shampoo and wax (where installed), over the whole surface of the vehicle


  • High pressure washing device, with rotating nozzles mounted on an oscillating mechanism
  • The powerful water jets are directed by the nozzles towards the lower and hidden zones of the vehicles that are more difficult to wash, such as the wheels


  • Hot dip galvanised steel rails, railway-type and heavy duty, rugged and safe to cope with the heaviest workload
  • The rails are equipped with anti-derailment and anti-tilting devices, in order to guarantee safety in any working condition
Width 4,730 mm
Length 2,800 mm
Height 5,250 mm
Distance Between Rails 3,780 mm
Max. Washing Width 2,700 mm
Drive-through Width 3,600 mm
Max. Washing Height 4,200 mm
Max. Washing Length 12,000 mm
Standard Rails Length 18,000 mm
Power Supply 400 ± 10% V
Max. Absorbed Power (kW) 9
Installed Power (kW) 9
Frequency (Hz) 50
Total Weight (Kg) (Machine with cladding, without energy and chain supports) 1,800 Kgs

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