25-1 / 25-1TH

Air Hydraulic Jack

Ideal for heavy plant and machinery, the 25-1 is designed for heavy duty, intensive commercial use. With a 25t lift capacity and loads of safety features, this unit is a must have for the serious commercial workshop.

  • 25t lift capacity
  • Minimum height 221mm
  • Includes 2 extensions: 50mm and 100mm

This single stage air hydraulic jack is ideal for heavy plant machinery and trucks, with a minimum height of 221mm, great for low clearance but heavy duty commercial use.

Designed for heavy duty, intensive commercial use, this unit comes standard with 2 x extensions, a 50mm and 100mm.

Built with a hard chromium plated piston rod for long life, this unit is loaded with safety features including built in safety overload valve, hand operated dead man’s control for optimum safety whilst lifting and lowering.

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25-1 25-1TH
Capacity 25,000 kg 25,000 kg
Min. Height 220 mm 220 mm
Max. Height 345 mm 345 mm
Frame Length 770 mm 770 mm
Handle Length 1355 mm 2125 mm
Width 160 mm 160 mm
Width (with wheels) 305 mm 305 mm
Air supply 9 – 12 bar 9 – 12 bar
Air Consumption 350 l/min 350 l/min
Weight 62 kg 62 kg

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