Vehicle Hoists & Lifts for the Automotive Industry

Explore the widest range of vehicle hoists and lifts available on today’s market. Levanta provides high quality, reliable vehicle hoist and lift options that have been specifically designed for your busy automotive industry workshop.

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BendPak – Vehicle Hoists manufactured for excellences

With over 45 years of manufacturing experience Bendpak is the industry leader in Car Hoists. Renowned for its production of two post hoist for workshops, Bendpak also offer a four post hoist and an array of lifts.

Celebrated for its Vehicle Hoist technology and innovation, Bendpak is globally recognized as the leader for quality, craftsmanship and longevity.


Bendpak uses a 5-2-1 warranty structure for all its Vehicle Hoist products. 5 years warranty on the structure, 2 year warranty on components and 1 year on tooling and labour.

Bendpak believes in its product and is committed to ongoing perfection of its Vehicle Hoists helping to ensure nothing but the best enters your workshop.

Manufacturing Quality

Recently Bendpak invested $65 million dollars into a new industrial complex to help streamline its production line. Believing in a global investment policy every Car Hoist that is shipped out of its factories is nothing short of perfect.

Using the best steel fabrication technology, Bendpak Vehicle Hoists are designed for durability, longevity and world class quality.

After sales servicing and Parts

Bendpak offers an array of after sale services including Vehicle Hoist product registration. Service manual are available online for easy reference and to help ease workshop clutter and to save paper.

On offer is also an assortment of accessories to customize Car Hoists to your particular workshop needs including pads, ramps and grips.